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To The Military Wife Who Thinks She Can't

August 21st, 2020 By K'lee Reynolds


To the military wife that thinks she can’t,

This week I worked a 40+ hour week from home while all four kids were there. This week I took care of my husband who recently had reconstructive surgery on his shoulder. This week I changed literally hundreds of diapers between our three diaper-wearing kids.

I might be exaggerating, but it felt like hundreds.

I know by now you are probably thinking, “Well isn’t she perfect?! So great for her!” Insert eye roll emoji.

I know you might be thinking this because I would probably be thinking this too if I was reading it. Just hang tight, 'cause I’m really far from perfect! This week I cooked, kept our house picked up, gave all the baths, and tucked in all four kids every night. Here’s the part where you lean in and listen close--I’m not telling you all of this to boast about myself and MY self will. I’m writing to you to tell you that you can’t.

We can’t.

But, God can.

He can equip you, girl. He can strengthen you in ways you never thought possible. So, are you sitting there wondering how in the heck God can help you? How can someone unseen ever help? Well, let me tell you.

It’s called The Holy Spirit. He can move mountains through you. The first step is accepting Jesus Christ as your savior. By doing this, you are committing to a relationship with Jesus, and believing that God sent His only Son to die so that we could live free from sin.

The second thing you must do to be able to thrive in this life is to pray. Like I said above: it’s all about a relationship. You can bring everything to Jesus in prayer. You can be real and raw—I promise He can handle it. He knows our deepest thoughts and our hardest trials.

During the week I mentioned above I prayed a lot. When I say I prayed a lot, it wasn’t like I was waking up every morning and saying these long, drawn-out pre-meditated prayers. I'm not saying long prayers are a bad thing, but my prayers to Jesus in this season of life are simple. They are conversational.

I woke up in the mornings and would simply say, “Jesus, equip me. Equip me to be the best wife, mommy, and nurse today.” Simple. Conversational. Relatable.

I knew ahead of time that the week I mentioned above was going to be a challenging one. But, I was equipped. Again, not by my own self-will, but by a relationship with Jesus. He and I got through the week together, one moment at a time.

Do I have these wonderful close conversations with Jesus every day? No. Not near as much as I should. But, that’s the amazing thing about Jesus. He’s not asking for us to be perfect. He just wants us. He meets us right where we are, and He will do the exact same for you.

The third, and final thing I want to tell you is you HAVE to be willing to ask for help.

Yeah, I said it. I know this is such a hard one for all of us. I will openly admit that I’m actually one of the worst at it. But, God has a way of placing you in situations in your life where you have to ask for help. He humbles us. In the week mentioned above, guess what? I had help.

I asked and He provided the help I needed.

So, don’t be afraid to ask. The people in your life that are able, ready, and willing to help are placed in your life for a reason. God placed them there ever so carefully. So, I write to you and I will continue writing to you to tell you that you can’t on your own, but you can with Jesus. He’s ready for a relationship whenever you are, military wife.


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