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Our Story

Homefront Heroes began in August of 2016 as a deployment support group called “Faith Deployed” that was attached to the military chapel at Fort Riley, KS. The vision was to create community for ladies who were attending Bible Study, that wanted something that specifically focused on deployment. The following year, April Griffin, felt called to continue this ministry but God gave her a new vision.

This new deployment group would focus heavily on reaching the community. Instead of only meeting the needs of chapel attendees, she would get out into the community to reach women unconnected to a body of faith. She would invite women who were unconnected in their community and focus her attention on reaching the lost and the hurting. God blessed this vision and attendance soared!

After the first year, April prayed and felt the need to change the name of the group to Homefront Heroes, to encompass not just deployment but also pre-deployment, reintegration, or any other challenging season of military life.

In January of 2019, God began speaking to April that there was still more to be done. With much prayer, and timing that could only be from God, He has brought Ashlee Beasley and K’lee Reynolds together with the same vision of ministry and Homefront Heroes Ministries was born. Our heart is to bring Homefront Heroes Community Groups to installations all around the world. This is only the beginning of what God has planned through this ministry.

Meet ~ Our Team


I am April, Executive Director of Homefront Heroes Ministries. It is my honor and great joy to look ahead and plan how we will carry out our mission to encourage, develop and equip you in the future. My heart beats for this ministry and it is my greatest desire to serve to you, encourage you and equip you in the season of military life that you are in.



I’m Ashlee, your Director of Content. That’s just fancy talk for I write things that I hope will help you grow and overcome the hardships of this beautifully, crazy life. Writing is my passion and it’s such an honor to write about something that is so close to my heart! I hope you see that we are just three imperfect gals serving a perfect God.




Creative Director

I am K’Lee, Director of Community and Outreach. I currently manage our social media accounts and I work directly with local churches to make a tangible difference for you and your families. I also get the opportunity to host all of our giveaways and select the perfect items just for you! Through all of these efforts I get to learn more about each of you to better serve you, and to provide you with great resources to better equip each of you to thrive in this military life.

I’m Taylor, Creative Director for HFH Ministries. As a military spouse in the trenches right along side you, I’m passionate about creating content that captures the reality of military life. The good, the bad and everything in between, it’s my mission to acknowledge our challenging journey as military families while helping equip you with practical tools to find JOY in the thick of it.

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Director of Ministry Training

I am Janet, Director of Ministry Training. I am an Army Veteran as well as a military wife. My heart is to train and mentor our leaders to help equip them to serve however God has called them. It is my passion to empower, encourage and pray with our community leaders so that they are able to pour into their community wholeheartedly. I love to help them grow in their relationship with Christ so they can remain strong in any season. I’m excited to bring the active duty and military wife perspective to this community so our leaders are well equipped to come alongside other military wives as they encourage them through the challenges of this life.

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