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I never dreamed in a million years that one of my greatest callings in life would be to hold the title of military wife. My plans were much different than God’s, but that’s one thing I learned very quickly as a young military wife- His plans are always the very best plans. I have been able to see His hand in every aspect of mine and my husband’s life in so many ways. This life has taught me that you truly can do ALL things through Christ.


As a military wife, mom of four (twin momma), registered nurse working from home, and ministry leader I would love to speak into the hearts of women that you truly can thrive in this life. I want to encourage women and equip them to be their best self. This only comes with true submission and service to our Lord. It is very possible to still be an amazing wife and mom, while also answering another great calling in service to Him.


I would love to come alongside military wives to give them practical ways to thrive in multiple circumstances that this life presents. I also want to provide ladies with hope and truth through personal experience that God is a miracle worker and a way maker, even in the hardest and darkest times of their lives. We are better together, and my heart yearns to connect with your ladies on multiple levels.

Speaking Topics:





I would be happy to partner alongside you to cater to the needs of the ladies attending your event. I look forward to working with you in the near future to meet these sweet ladies right where they are.

*I am willing to travel in the Midwest region of the United States, as well as the state of Texas.*

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