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Homefront Heroes (HFH) has been a tremendous support while our family endured separations due to deployment and other long periods when my husband was away for missions and trainings. The ministry is a safe, healthy, supportive place to learn how to grow and thrive through the difficulties of military life. The military doesn’t really offer a “one-stop shop” to find the resources and support that HFH offers, and HFH has the great bonus of a Christian environment. I, personally, have learned to be more independent and to take care of myself and family better through this ministry. I have been able to take what I have learned about struggles and hardships, marriage, parenting, feelings, loving others, patience, kindness, thankfulness, forgiveness, and so many more topics home to teach to my husband, children and friends. I have also seen many ladies grow and become more independent and grow in their faith through this ministry. I was able to thrive through these separations, rather than just to survive. I am grateful to April, Christine, K’Lee and the rest of this ministry every day. I would love to see this ministry grow to every duty station so that every military family can benefit from it. – Erin

Homefront Heroes has been such an amazing help while my husband was deployed. Beyond just going for an hour of free child care and a moment to breathe it has allowed me to meet so many amazing women. Being around other women going through what I am in that moment of wanting to just break down and cry meant everything to me. It helped me to keep strong when I was struggling through the difficulties that always arise through a deployment. The messages the women give are things I keep tucked close as they were things I sometimes didn't even realize I needed to hear. The sisterhood that Homefront Heroes offered through this deployment meant everything to me. – Hannah


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